Recent ideas & activities

November 2023: publication of a Royal Society Open Science article on the flourishing of science and scientists alike. How can we embody kindness and sharing in scientific environments, as individuals and institutions? Co-authored as the Flourishing Science Think Tank.

April 2023: formulating ‘guiding principles and values‘ of enactive research

December 2022: sketching ideas for playful and participatory social transformation

November 2022: publication of an Adaptive Behaviour article on the Navi Ear: can perception be extended to a sense of north? Work from my Masters thesis in Paris, with Christoph Witzel, Frank Schumann and Kevin O’Regan.

September 2022: publication of a Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences article on micro-phenomenology. Hands-on introduction of an interviewing technique that brings participants closer to their moment-to-moment lived experience. Co-authored with Katrin Heimann, Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg, Chris Allen, Martijn van Beek, Christian Suhr and Claire Petitmengin.

August 2022: publication of a Constructivist Foundations open peer commentary on curiosity – an emplaced virtue to move science towards the edge? An argument for both distance and prolonged attentive engagement as elements of co-creative research. In response to Laura Candiotto’s target article on situated loving and knowing as participatory sense-making.

June 2022: illustration of the BallGame experiment, which forms the central part of my PhD on social interaction dynamics at the department of neuro- and pathophysiology, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf.

May 2022: a first report on the activities of the Mindful Researchers – an international practice group and network of researchers dedicated to integrating a contemplative attitude and approach into their professional role.

March 2022: illustration of the Sonified MirrorGame, the second laboratory experiment that I conducted as part of my PhD.

September 2021: publication of a Frontiers in Human Neuroscience article on social sensorimotor contingencies. A theory article that summarises the background of my laboratory work: it presents social cognition as the result of entrained – embodied and situated – rhythms of perceiving and moving together. Co-authored with Florian Göschl, Till Schneider, Alexander Maye, Hanna Krause and Andreas Engel.

August 2021: link to Erin Bell’s science guide for somatic practitioners and resources into forage gardens and mycorrhizal fungi

July 2021: publication of a Journal of Play in Adulthood article on scores for the Playful Academic. How can we involve our embodied experience and situated interaction dynamic in our collaborative research work? A selection of tools. Co-authored with Katrin Heimann and Pedro González-Fernández.

July 2021: APA convention – symposium abstract. Joint contribution with Mary Gehring Rees, Willeke Rietdijk and Wolfgang Lukas from the Mindful Researchers group.

April 2021: the spiral model – a sketch of ‘dealing with difficult moments’, or – ‘taking care of what we need and value’.

March 2021: thoughts on bridging levels – from personal, to community-based knowing

December 2020: a short note on interdisciplinary collaboration – why care?

November 2020: Gelebte Tradition. Was ist das? Wann funktioniert’s?