A treasure box for the Playful Academic

A fluid, self-reflective canon – is that even possible? This repository of activities is here to bring playfulness to your academic collaborations and research

Writing: the activity that got us started on this initiative was to write an article together. From the idea to reflect on elements of playfulness in our empirical work, we moved to a more practical approach: how can we combine our research backgrounds and experience, to play together, as we are writing an article? The first set of activities that we are going to offer here – a box of ‘treasures’ from our shared endeavour – therefore evolves around reading and writing text.

We are amidst the process of publishing this co-creative process. Within the next months, we hand over our box of methods and activities to you – with information on our background, criteria, what we learned or found difficult, as well as suggestions on how to adapt the activities we propose to fit other academic tasks, beyond writing.

Social moments: during our collaboration, we experienced easy and inspiring, but also difficult, challenging moments. To open a gap, and alternatives to irritated reaction throwing these moments into a dark corner, we drafted four activities – guides, assistance to live through and learn from such moments.