Colourful Notes

a selection of (annika’s) note-drawings

3/3 notes from hfp leadership skills for scientists training, November 2022
2/3 notes from hfp leadership training, November 2022
1/3 notes from hfp leadership training, November 2022

ESRI conference on ‘Learning with Others – living connection and transmission’, August 2022, morning meditation
ESRI 2022, Thursday – eros and human connection

Enactive research group meetings, June + July 2022
Micro-phenomenology practice group – breakout session, drawing a meditative experience, 29.06.2022
Micro-phenomenology practice group meeting, 29.06.2022

We are open circle – listening circle training session, 14.06.2022

Illustration of my PhD thesis discussion, 30.05.2022

Straw-hat figure. Mindful Researchers ‘Gardeners meeting’ on Amrum, March 20222

Spring 2022, Amrum – emotions in transition
Mindful Researchers meeting, open dialogue, ‘what are my priorities for the coming year? which guiding questions, projects or trajectories am I following?’, 25.01.2022

ESRI 2022 Planning Committee meeting #3, ‘knowledge – transmission – human connection – sharing aliveness’, 25.01.2022

Mindful Researchers listening circle – inspired by lofty apple trees, harvests, and encounters with (our) roots, this time we invite stories about ‘offering and receiving gifts and blessings’ as well as ‘forgetting and re-membering our origins, ancestors and lineage’, 14.10.2021

page 1, Ouroboros session with Michel Bitbol, 15.9.2021
Break-out room discussion with Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy, notes from day5, ESRI conference on ‘knowing in an interdependent & uncertain world’, 20.8.2021
resources for a sustainable research practice – mindful researchers track, notes from day2, ESRI 2021

poster-presentation & further notes from day1, ESRI 2021