Colourful Notes

a selection of (annika’s) note-drawings

My essentials – core qualities (center), intimate space (upper left), public space (lower right), dedicated instances for shared experience / play / work / development (upper left), long term investment in particular curiosities (lower left), 16.03.2024
Visual summary of our article on flourishing of science and scientists alike, 22.11.2023

ESRI conference on ‘Learning with Others – living connection and transmission’, August 2022, morning meditation
ESRI 2022, Thursday – eros and human connection

Enactive research group meetings, June + July 2022

We are open circle – listening circle training session, 14.06.2022

Visual summary of my PhD thesis discussion, 30.05.2022

Straw-hat figure. During the Mindful Researchers in-person meeting on Amrum, March 2022

Spring 2022, Amrum – emotions of/in transition
Mindful Researchers online meeting, open dialogue, ‘what are my priorities for the coming year? which guiding questions, projects or trajectories am I following?’, 25.01.2022

ESRI 2022 Planning Committee meeting #3, ‘knowledge – transmission – human connection – sharing aliveness’, 25.01.2022

Mindful Researchers listening circle – inspired by apple trees, harvests, and encounters with (our) roots, we invite stories about ‘offering and receiving gifts’ as well as ‘forgetting and re-membering our origins, ancestors and lineage’, 14.10.2021

MLE Ouroboros session with Michel Bitbol, 15.9.2021
Discussion with Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy, day5, MLE ESRI conference on ‘knowing in an interdependent & uncertain world’, 20.8.2021
Resources for a sustainable research practice – mindful researchers track, notes from day2, ESRI 2021

Notes from day1, MLE ESRI 2021