Who? Networks, spaces, people

Annika Lübbert – Hamburg, DE. Researcher of embodied interaction dynamics, playful academic, lover of the outdoors and author of this website. Annika cares to move – through concepts and questions at the edge of understanding, encounters, sports, crafts and wilderness.

Florian Göschl – Hamburg, DE. Cognitive Neuroscientist, Psychologist. Rigorous researcher – knows how to clarify hypotheses and keep lofty ideas on the ground. My closest collaborator and dear (cycling and walking) friend.

Katrin Heimann – Aarhus, DK. Courageous and dynamic, Katrin leads by example – through interviews at the brink of experience, and in science that mingles with art and play.

Pedro González-Fernández, Hamburg, DE & Barcelona, ES. Vested in modern composition, performative disciplines and interdisciplinary collaboration, Pedro has a broad range of tricks in his hat to ease you into serious exploration.

Lissa Streeter – Paris, FR. The one who inspired me to “make a life out of it!”. Lissa – native to the visual, visceral and neighbourly webs of joyful (and sustainable) collaboration.

Joe Dumit – Davis (CA), USA. As an anthropologist of passions – be they brains, games, bodies, drugs or facts – joe is most articulate about just how strange we all are in doing what we love, and how our loving and living is influenced by what (and how) we ‘know’. Traveling around Europe and the US, his stories do trickster magic – they inspire us to grow beyond our conceptions and join the lichen in their slow partying and supportive napping. Ceaseless inspiration and support!

Willeke Rietdijk – Utrecht, NL. Expert in contemplative education and phenomenology, practitioner, friend. Core member of the Enactive Research group.

Mary Rees – Houston (Tx), USA. Teacher and researcher of psychology and interdisciplinary inquiry. Versed in the philosophy of body-and-mind. Core member of the Enactive Research group.

Enrico Fucci – Fuerteventura, ES. Neuroscientist and neuroscience critic, open-science and mixed-methods activist, IGDORE board member, core member of the Enactive Research group.

Frank Schumann– Paris, FR. Equipped with improvisation (jazz), wit, wine and dark chocolate, Frank made his home in cognitive science and embodied practice (Feldenkrais). Frank got me talking to fellow researchers – soon emerged the Mindful and Enactive Research initiatives.

Dav Clark – Phoenix (Ariz), USA. Techy, funky, nerdy – core participant of the early musings.

Wolfgang Lukas – Graz, AT. The community-builder. Physicist and contemplative collaborator. Wolfgang is at the heart of the Mindful Researchers initiative.

Angela-Mara Florant – Hamburg, DE. Dancing, staging and facilitating, Angela-Mara enjoys (and extends) delicate invitations to explore together. She is my first contact improvisation teacher.

Erin Bell – New Orleans, USA. Researcher of cognitive science and biology. As a somatic practitioner rooted in horse work and artistic practice, Erin knows to look for a tingling sense of aliveness in her environment, work and personal relations.

Enactive Research group – www, EU/USA. An initiative and research group that investigates embodied and relational practices of collaborating and knowing. Visit our site, get in touch, participate!

The Mindful Researchers – www, EU. An initiative and network of researchers / people dedicated to a more kind, embodied, generous and collaborative academic culture. I contributed from 2020 to 2022.

Yrevocnu – www, USA. A digital space for creative community – committed to shared story telling, infinite games and uncovery.