Who? Networks, spaces, people

Annika Lübbert – Hamburg, DE. Note-taker, editor, aspiring playful academic and author of this website. Annika cares about questions, encounter, sports, crafts and wild nature.

Katrin Heimann – Aarhus, DK. Courageous and dynamic, Katrin leads by example – through interviews, and in science at the edge of art and play.

Pedro González-Fernández, Hamburg, DE. Vested in modern composition and performative disciplines, Pedro has plenty of tricks in his hat to ease you into serious exploration.

Erin Bell – New Orleans, USA. As a somatic practitioner rooted in horse work and artistic practice, cognitive science and biology, erin knows to look for a tingling sense of aliveness in her environment, work and personal relations.

Lissa Streeter – Paris, FR. The one who inspires me to “make a life out of it!”. Lissa – intimately familiar with the visual, visceral and environmental webs of enjoyable (and sustainable) knowing and living.

Wolfgang Lukas – Graz, AT. The community-builder. Physicist and troubadour of contemplative science, Wolfgang is at the heart of it all.

Frank Schumann– Paris, FR. A lover of improvisation (jazz), wit, wine and dark chocolate, Frank made his home in cognitive science and embodied practice (Feldenkrais).

Dav Clark – Phoenix (Ariz), USA. Techy, funky, nerdy, wonderful!

Angela-Mara Florant – Hamburg, DE. Dancing, staging and facilitating, Angela-Mara enjoys delicate invitations to explore together.

Yrevocnu – www, USA. A digital space for creative community – committed to shared story telling, infinite games and uncovery.