annika’s spiral model – what can I do?

for now, the lack of a more finely developed version of this, together with the need/interest to share it, makes me post this here and as such:

  1. trigger: a moment of intensity, struggle, discomfort – a frown, gasp of fear, anger, aggression?
  2. noticing: taking the time, creating a gap, clearing mental space from “I need to act, immediately” – what am I experiencing here? what are the facets of this moment, what is coming up? in all senses, things I’d locate ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ me. movement might help, or breathing.
  3. my multiverse: engaging with this dynamic ‘as mine’, so that I can do with it / through it what is mine to do. it might be interesting to go back to noticing the ‘trigger’ from this perspective. this can be a very slow process.
  4. what’s below, driving this: what aspects or forces am I “receiving but judging as unwanted”, so that this quality of trigger/struggle/argh arises..? towards which force might i rather be more tender, offer them my support, or receive support and inspiration from them, unrestrained? which external forces affect me, ‘are not mine’ but close and therefore present?
  5. this is what matters to me, here, now: i acknowledge that this is what is central for me (here and now). this is my perspective/situation, and so I will use my brains and bodies and whatnot to figure out a way to stand in (lie down, dance, run, morph, stretch, roister) (for) it. I may not find a way, now, but this conundrum of impressions, the questions that come with it, is what is mine to ‘sit with’, now. to devote my time and energy to.
  6. creative ideas, new paths: will emerge, for me, with time spent in this attitude. i let the process do its work, too.
  7. offer to others: invite others into this process – maybe they, too, carry some fire / water / air whatever energy in them towards this question/thing that i care about?