Social moments

Why do we pay extra attention to difficult social moments? We see an important opportunity in conflicts and differences between the members of a group: they shed light on ignored values, untapped creative potential, and can orient us towards what matters. Instead of catastrophe or all-or-nothing dynamics (we go my way or I am done here), conflict can create space for unfulfilled needs and lead us into forms of working together that are more enjoyable and fruitful for everyone involved.

  • SOCIAL MOMENT #1: tension arises (for you) with how things are going, or the group can’t relax into working together
  • SOCIAL MOMENT #2: alienation – we somehow lost track of why we are in this together anyhow
  • SOCIAL MOMENT #4: we need to make a decision (an important one) and there is no agreement for how to proceed – any existing suggestion evokes resistance in parts of the group.