Social moment #1: tension in the group

What can we do?

# Split up into smaller groups: even if it is just the three of you, it can help to be talking to one person only.
# Listen: Try to adopt an attitude of everything may be, there are primarily differences – I don’t have to be like you, you don’t have to be like me. This is actually useful – sometimes your perspective will forward unique suggestions, sometimes mine. Our situations are not the same, either, so who am I to judge your perspective as right or wrong? Let’s hear it out

=> To support listening, you can use this score:

One person is asked one or all of the following (consecutive) questions:
1. Tell a story about a time when it was difficult for you in this group.  
2. Suppose you could change one thing in this story – what do you wish would have gone differently?
3. Why does this story matter to you, what is important about this difficulty?

Meanwhile, the other(s) listen(s) empathically – try not to respond or judge, simply witness. You could complete these sentences to bring your experience to the group. If you do,
1. I heard somebody say the words
2. I heard somebody talk about the theme of … 
3. I saw [physical movement / tension / relief / frown / smile …] as we were talking/listening. 
4. I experienced [general atmosphere in the room] when we were sharing/listening.